7 Useful Beach Trip Hacks

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Headed to the Beach? Check Out These 7 Beach Trip Hacks!


Will you be spending time at the beach soon? If so, be sure to take note of these creative, helpful and inexpensive tips to HACK your next beach trip like a pro!


DIY beach hacks


Baby Powder Trick for the Beach

1.) Baby Powder

Bring along some baby powder and sprinkle on skin to get rid of extra sand. This really works well!  Better yet the best investment we have ever made is in the SAND FREE BEACH BLANKET, it is not cheap but it is worth every penny!


Pack A Beach Cooler

2.) Pack Smart

Make edible ice packs with frozen grapes, juice boxes, and bottled water to save room in the cooler.

Fitted Sheet Beach Trick

3.) Fitted Sheet Trick

Lay out a fitted sheet on the sand and anchor with heavier items on each end to slow down the sand from getting on yourself and/or the kiddos. Honestly the best way to remove the sand challenge forever is with the sand free beach blanket previously mentioned. 

Instant Phone Cover Hip2Save

4.) Instant Phone Cover

To avoid getting your phone wet, place inside a resealable plastic bag. You’ll be able to still view text messages and incoming calls while at the beach without the risk of water damage. Just keep in mind that this is not 100% waterproof since seal or bag could break.

Hide Valuables at the Beach

5.) Disguise Your Valuables

Place items in an empty Pringles can or wrap in a clean disposable diaper to keep valuables safe while you swim. The last time I looked you could buy a can of Pringles on Amazon for less than $1.50,  even if you don't like the chips, the can is worth a buck fifty just for this and other DIY projects.  PRINGLES CAN ON AMAZON.

Snack Containers Hip2Save

6.) Snack Smart

Re-use food containers to keep snacks from crumbling in your beach bag! These containers are our favorite. 


Reuse Wipes Container

7.) Plastic Wipes Container

Use an empty plastic wipes container to house trash bags and then use it store wet swim suits inside once you are ready to head home from the beach.


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