10 Important Essential Baby Products for the Beach (Beach Vacation Checklist)

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All new parents know the struggle of packing for a beach trip with your baby. It's tough to decide which things you need or doesn't require for the baby. So, here I'm sharing the 10 products to pack in the baby beach bag for your upcoming summer vacations. Let me tell you that it’s all about sun protection! 




The first product which is an absolute must-have is a sunscreen. I highly recommend Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen for your 6 months old baby to toddler. What makes it so different is that it has high SPF 50 and the broadest spectrum of UVA and UVB. Thinkbaby absorbs easily and set on skin top to create a barrier with non-oily feel so your baby is totally safe from sunburned or red patches. Well, that’s 100% true, super-easy to get all on your baby skin!

We all want to keep our babies safe from harmful chemicals, isn’t it? It safe on your baby’s skin as the formula is free from parabens, BPA, phthalates, Oxybenzone, nano-particles, and aerosol.

Also, a high water resistance without using petroleum, Thinkbaby sunscreen uses natural tree sap resins to make it waterproof. Did you know that it’s the 1st ever baby sunscreen that passed Whole Foods Premium Body Care requirements? This sunscreen will help on the beach, thanks to 20% zinc oxide (active ingredient).












The second thing to talk about is a bathing suit. Allow your little one to get wet and have fun! My favorite is the full-body swimsuit by VAENAIT BABY. These colorful vibrant one-piece swimsuits are designed to protect them from the harsh sun. Being UPF 50+ means they are sun-protective baby clothing; no more sunburns. I seriously love this! You don't have to slather your baby's entire body with sunscreen.

Very awesome to have! These are great because you don’t need a separate top and bottom for the baby, the one-piece suit covers the upper portion of your baby’s arm all way down to legs.

So comfortable to wear with cute designs, the fabric made from a blend of 80% nylon and 20% polyurethane is very soft, flexible, and stretchable. Great! This doesn't restrict your child's movement. Plus, the VAENAIT BABY swimsuit has a zippered front that makes it easy to get on and off with fast-drying ability.









Your baby needs a nice comfortable surface to play on and keeps them safe. I absolutely recommend the JJ Cole Baby Outdoor Blanket that you can carry folded but opens 5' x 5' large.

Perfect for days at the beach, the JJ Cole Blanket is available in many fun designs and is sand, water, and heat resistant.

What I love about this mat is that it’s really easy to wipe off sand and folds very compact into a small bag. Another cool thing is that all the mat ends are weighted so no sand or other objects are going to fly up in your baby’s face on a windy day.











A trip with the baby without diapers is a big no so you definitely need some disposable swim diapers. The best for beach trips are Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Pants. A happy nappy is what all parents want, the Pampers Splashers pants protect baby from any leaks with their dual leak-guard lining.

 I really love the swim-inspired graphics and cartoon characters on each diaper. These are always in my beach bag. A snug yet comfortable fit, the Pampers swim pants have 360elastic around the waist to let your little baby move freely without any leaks. No leak worries! They are snug-fit and won’t swell up in water like all other regular diapers. Removing the poop or urine-filled diaper is not a problem; removal is made easy and quickly via the easy-tear sides.










Next essential is the 11” x 14” medium size Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag. What this does is that it keeps all wet separated; the Itzy Ritzy wet bag makes sure that nothing in your baby beach bag gets wet. You simply place your baby's wet clothes or dirty diapers and zip it. There are waterproof liner and zipper closure that prevents leaks and odors from coming out. 

Nothing is going to get wet, damp, or moldy! Besides the adorable and cute patterns, another great thing about this wet bag is that machine-washable which means no bad odors. It dries out quickly so you can reuse it at any time.

Endless uses! Keep wet baby swimsuits, toiletries, towels, or dirty diapers. A great addition to your beach bag!









I always make sure to keep my baby’s skin out of the sun, so it’s better to add extra little shade even when the baby has sunscreen on. I highly recommend CeeKii Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Tent because it’s so easy to set up and close within seconds. Very useful! Babies love sitting in it.

The CeeKii pop-up tent will give your child some sunshade and a place to play. The tent has 4 pegs on corners to keep the shade stable during the breeze. No need to worry about carrying it, it weighs only 1.5 lbs and folds small.

Your firends may have shared with you that it’s specially made from waterproof 190T silver-coated fabric for ultimate protection with 50+ UPF from sunlight? Your baby will be safe from harmful UV rays! A little pool at the bottom can be filled with water or sand to let your baby play and  enjoy.









Everybody gets thirsty at the beach and so does your baby, so the sippy cup is a necessity. I love the Sippy Cup because it’s very easy to put into the beach bag without any leaks.

Babies can drink from any angle, thanks to an innovative weighted ball and thin straw design. Cup featuring easy-grip handles encourages the baby to hold this sippy cup on its own with tiny little hands. Trust me, its spot on! Free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC, the sippy cup is safe for babies.

What most parents love is a flip-top lid that is 100% leak-proof. My baby drinks juice and water while moving it around so much but so far no leaks that can be major a plus for parents. Plus, this silicone cup is lightweight. Now your baby won’t stay thirsty at the beach.

Add this 8-ounce Sippy Cup to the list of items you need in the beach baby bag. 








Not to forget about baby food and snack containers! Of course, your baby needs food. My favorite is the Elacra Storage Bowls as they keep fruits or other foods fresh for a longer time.

These small containers are BPA and phthalates free meaning it safe; no chemicals leech into the baby’s food. Very durable too, the containers won’t break or bend.

Fill them with raspberries, cherries, grapes, chips, candies, or other baby snacks and put in the beach bag so your baby’s tummy remains full during the trip and can enjoy to the fullest.

Leak-proof and airtight are 2 features that make most suitable for baby beach essential. Moreover, it can also hold liquid foods if the baby isn’t a big fan of solid food.









Beaches tend to have salty ocean water and sand. You want to get sand off your baby’s skin, or change a diaper but unable to give her/him a bath, Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes are something all parents need to pack in the beach bag for babies.

These wet wipes are great because they help get out anything from your child's skin. Nobody wants sand all over your baby's car seat! My child has extremely sensitive skin so I appreciate that Huggies made these natural care wipes for kids. I also love the easy-pull dispensing with one at a time. This makes it easy to use at the beach.

The Huggies wipes contain 99% purified water and are super-soft that gentle on the baby’s skin. The triple cleaning layer wipes off everything and also hypoallergenic. No alcohol, added fragrance, or parabens but have aloe and vitamin E for a moisture-rich effect.










A fun trip to the beach is incomplete without toys when you have a toddler. You really need to pack some cute toys for your baby to play on the beach. I suggest Infantino Aquarium Bath Squirters as they one of the safest pool toys for babies. I love these 8 colorful sea creatures’ toys because they are BPA-free.

Another awesome thing is Infantino bath squirters are so soft and lightweight which means they won’t take up much space in your baby beach bag.


These small toys are very cute, have fun sea characters, and keep your baby entertained for hours.





We hope you receieve value from this Beach Baby Checklist.  If you did, there are links to a couple of more articles here on that you may benefit from.    Enjoy your Trip!