How to Skateboard for Kids (Yo Baby Kick Flipper Skateboard Traing Board)

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May skatebaord pros today got there start with the Yo Baby practice board when they we younger, evern toddlers.

The Yo Baby Skateboard Skateboard Training System is the most popular and effective skatebaord training program in the world for young kids. Many teenagers and even adults give the Yo Baby skateboard proactice board credit for the tricks and skills they have mastered.

For anyone who wants to learn the most popular skateboard tricks in the privacy  ot their own home this board and training DVD is the answer you have been looking for.

Unfortunately, the company is out of business, and here at we originally sold out of thiese and thought they were gone forever. 

Fortunately we recently have been able to get our hands on some more of these original Yo Baby skateboard training systems.   We only have a few and when they are gone, they are gone.   






Do you have a budding skateboarder?  The Yo Baby practice board allows kids to learn tricks, flips and spins on the practice board before adding the element of wheels, 

The Yo Baby is the perfect training skatebaord  to get your kids started in board sports… skateboard, snow boarding or even for the world of water sports. When your looking for the gift that will keep the kids entertained for hours and help them develop skills of snowboarding, surfing & skating that they will use the rest of their lives, some will argue the Yo Baby board training system is an important purchase as a childs first bicycle.

The Yo Baby, Great fun for all the kids. Yo Baby Kick Flipper. It is a radical new addition to the toy box. The Yo Baby Kick Flipper is an uncomplicated molded plastic board that resembles a skateboard minus the wheels.

Yo Baby Kick Flipper by Garage Toys

The board allows kids to practice and develop skills minus the instability factors of wheels, snow, or waves. A definite bonus is that kids are less likely to get hurt which helps to diminish the fear factor (for kids and parents); providing them with the opportunity to attempt tricks that they might otherwise be too timid to try.

The Yo Board works beautifully on almost any surface. The board is small, lightweight, and fits in a backpack for easy to take anywhere fun. No batteries required.. use indoors or in the great outside..

This is the  most popular skateboard training program in history.  The company just grew to quickly and ultimately went out of business.  The original Yo Baby Board will be shipped to your door priority mail & comes with  an instructional DVD. 

We have limit supply available, when they are gone, there gone, don't procrastinate, SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!