Scala Classy & Elegant Wide Brimmed Sun Hat for event or the beach

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These elegant wide brimmed Scala hats have a hatband of geometric beads.  These hats will look great dressed up with a sun dress or worn on the beach with your swimsuit!

This Scala hat brand dips its toes carefully into the designs and sensibilities of the past without allowing itself to be outdated 

 It is not just about hats; it is a lifestyle brand wrought from the inspiration of a time when a men’s dress hat was a wardrobe staple. Despite the brands harkening back to a different era, its pieces showcase the evolution of headwear for men and women. 

The result of the tried and tested approach is a line of products that is classic yet fresh. It is clear that the bygone infusion in hats will endure and their hat styles will offer their vintage feel while still maintaining a modern silhouette. This Classy Sun Hat by Scala will be your favorit.