Saltwater Canvas Dolphin Beach Bag Yellow Green Medium Heavy Duty Mesh

Regular price $28.00

These beach bags are the BEST!  Will last you for years! 

This Saltwater Canvas Beach Bag does it all. This elegant but heavy duty mesh bag, designed to be shoulder-carried, is perfect for spending the day at the beach in style, for going shopping, for carrying your sweats to the gym, or for trekking to the library. 5 roomy, easy to reach pockets guarantee you'll never hunt for any accessories again.

The Dolphin Bag easily holds 2 - 3 beach towels, with space to spare for all your favorite beach toys. Our sturdy snap hook holds your keys or sunglasses. At the end of the day, simply toss your things - sand and all - into the Dolphin Bag, and let the mesh do the cleanup. Washable, line dry. 12.5 inches at the widest point, this 14-inch tall bag sits comfortably on your shoulder.