Things You Should Not Forget When Travelling to the Beach in Tropical Countries

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It’s good to get away from the winter season by having a long vacation in one of the most popular tropical countries in the world. But before that, it would be a lot wiser to know first hand the preparation, safety measures and what to bring with you when traveling.

What to Prepare or Plan before the Beach Travel


  • Make sure that you were able to confirm your booking a few days before your travel, so even if they arrive late you have a credit card guarantee.

  • If you are going to need passports start that process at least 90 days in advance of your trip.

  • For all time you should follow the rule in travelling, that is to travel light, but it is better to put a couple of additional pieces of underwear, shoes and some clothes in your luggage would be advised, and also wear a pair of sneakers at the airport because there is always the possibility that you may need to run to catch your flight
  • You might also need to bring extra glasses, aspirin, tissue paper, snacks like nuts or fruit or raisins, in case get stuck somewhere where and have no access to food.

  • Don’t forget to send your travel schedule to a friend or family members, or anyone close to you so someone at home has your itinerary.

  • An hour before going to the airport, make sure you have your credit card, tickets, identification documents, some money, and your travel route with you. If traveling abroad, do not forget your passport. Remove from your purse scissors or sharp objects that may be mistaken for weapons.

Aside from that, don’t forget to bring the following as well:

  1. Light clothes – the temperature in tropical countries are normally very hot except of course during rainy seasons. Clothes that are made of light fabrics are recommended.

    Avoid bringing clothes that are made from wool or most especially leather, you won’t be able to wear this. You’ll just look sweaty and uncomfortable while touring the country.

  2. Sensible shoes – choose the kind of shoes that are lighter on your feet but at the same time durable to withstand and protect your feet from all elements. And the most important thing is, it should be comfortable, so avoid new shoes since most often than not, new shoes are uncomfortable at first. Follow this and you’ll avoid blisters on your feet while travelling.

  3. Flip flops – this is very commonly used in tropical countries since this can make your feet feeling fresh all day most especially during summer season. And as I said before, choose one that will be comfortable. If the leaves of your slipper are made from rubber, it would be a lot more ideal providing you are not allergic to rubber.

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  4. Umbrella – normally in tropical countries, the weather is unusual, you can have a hot and humid weather all day, and then suddenly, it is raining all night. So in case you’ll get caught in the rain while visiting a place, it would be better if this is one of those things that you are prepared at.

  5. Sunscreen and sunglasses – protect your skin and your eyes from the sun using sunscreen and sunglasses. UVB and UVA rays are richer in the tropics. Both will keep your skin healthy and strong. You can put this in your hand carry bag so you can always get it whenever you need it.


Ensuring Medical Safety

  • You should carry your own medical card in your wallet. This will help to see if you have any medical history of diseases such as epilepsy or diabetes, or if you are allergic to any particular drugs. So that if there will be an accident, your medical card will prove as a lifesaver for doctors and medical shops.

  • There are different health rules in every country. Make sure that you are provided with the necessary information, so you would be able to know if you should be vaccinated to travel abroad in any country in the world.

  • I would recommend that you bring insect repellent lotion and mineral waters. I you can, avoid eating meat such as beef and pork as well as careful intake of fruits and vegetables

Reminders in the Airport

  • You should try to reach the airport two hours before your flight. You don’t want to feel rushed and anxious reaching the airport at the last minute do you?

  • Leave all your worries behind with you, relax and enjoy your trip.

  • If your schedule is tight, immediately call up an agent at the airport. Don’t wait for them to call you. And try to be in the departure gate 20 minutes before you’re take off.

    Follow these beach travel tips and you tropical vacation should be a huge success.

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