The 12 Best Beasches for a Family Vacation

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Family Beach Vacation


The perfect family holidays take everyone's interests into consideration: daddy and mommy want to have a good time, the children get to swim, the entire family get to spend meaningful time together, in doing so no one gets bored.


Having that in mind, the whole family can get behind these family holiday destinations, which are aimed at families traveling with their kids.


However, not all family enjoy same things; as such, we have conducted an extensive research to discover destinations that would fit your unique taste.


Whether it is serene wooded camp-like terrain, beach towns, dude ranches or Caribbean getaways you prefer, here is an appealing list holiday for you.



Whether your idea of a perfect holiday fun is stirring a houseboat down the waters yourself or an all-inclusive resort. You and your family can spice up your days with breathtaking record smashing water slides, amazing hikes and children friendly golf courses.

The children will be happy which will make daddy and mommy happy too.










  1. Surfside

One of Florida’s top attractions is undeniably its beaches exclusively popular for its vacation mode environment that permeate the nearby town, warm weather and soft sand.


If you are looking for a mini beach city atmosphere, head over to Surfside, which has approximately 7,000 occupants, as such making it a modest society on the seafront.


The beach entices both tourists and locals, and provides visitors plenty of forms of entertainment; including the Surfside residents Center, which holds one of the city’s magnificent water parks.


Holidaymakers will be delighted to learn lifeguards are always in service all through the summer period and a picnic spot located on the beach.


You can get to socialize with locals who usually come to this beach to watch and listen to live music, have couple of drinks at bars, which are close by and have a nice time on the beach.




  1. Haulover Beach


Haulover beach is among the most breathtaking beaches in Florida City, it also features landscape dunes, several lifeguard towers, and some picnic places,

Popular for their amazing sunset across Mexico’s gulf, and for nature-lovers, the southern region is perfect for them because they get to see dolphins play just before the shore and sea turtles hatch.


Situated right between Bal harbor and Sunny isles, Haulover beach entices tourists, travelers, and families from all parts of the world looking to have a good time.


Are you a vacationer searching for an ideal clothing optional beach? Haulover beach provides you with this option. If you happen to travel on Tuesday, live music performance, a mini food truck festive with some local vendors.

Surfers also do enjoy this beach due to its strong currents, which provide ultimate surfing experience.





  1. South Pointe Park Pier


South pointe park peir is a magnificent place to visit should you desire to get away from all the commotion of downtown Miami. It is part of a 17-acre park with a playground, several picnic spots and a fishing pier complete with washing station.


It is encompassed majorly by Atlantic Ocean and government cut channel. It provides several facilities like some amazing restaurants, outdoor showers and kid’s playground to keep the children entertained for some couple of hours.


Ensure to come along with a camera, as vacationers tend to enjoy spectacular scenery of the nearby Biscayne Bay and Fisher Island, both of which are picture perfect on clear days. 




  1. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Situated on southern region of  the Key Biscayne, bill bags Florida state park has a couple of amazing beaches that are usually seen on several travel magazine “best beaches list page”.


Apart from basking on the beachside all day, you can explore out some neighborhood and action attractions like one of the oldest buildings in the entire South Florida, the Cape Florida Lighthouse.


Those who enjoy water activities may decide to go windsurfing, fishing and kayaking.


Due to its isolated location on the Key Biscayne, Bill Baggs Cape Florida state parks provides the perfect vacation option for those in search of some quiet alone time.





  1. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach is known as a soft sandy pad with a delightful boardwalk that is great for skating, cycling and jogging. While here, you will discover stunning views of the Blue Ocean and tall.


This definitely is the perfect way for vacationers watching due to the luxurious properties on the coast. Fort Lauderdale Beach was once a college town, but it has become one of the most trendy beach resorts in Miami.


During the winter season, vacationers can find lifeguards around and all the important amenities, such as toilets and showers.





  1. Crandon Park

One of the most amazing park gems in Miami, Crandon park is situated on Key Biscayne and is renowned for its incredibly shallow and clear waters. It is a great resort for people with children and includes a nature center, a family entertainment center and a scenic boardwalk.


Nevertheless, the beach is indeed the biggest feature of Crandon Park. You can play beach volleyball or have a picnic party by using the on-site barbecues.


Those who would like to rent a condo can go to the south end of Crandon Park Beach, where showers and parking spaces can also be located.




  1. Virginia Key Beach


This is by far is among one of the most stunning stretches of sand and surf in Florida, Virginia Key Beach is perfect for tourists/travelers who love sunbathing and surfing.


It entices both residents and visitors who are shown around in a mini train specifically designed to carry tourists/travelers around the area.


A bizarre antique carousel often remains on-site and the Virginia key beach is sometimes used for several events such as fun fairs and live music.

The Virginia Key Beach also features a pavilion dance floor, which travelers or tourists can rent for private parties.


As far as rentals are concerned, there are various shelters scattered along the coast that can be rented for a day.




  1. El Matador State Beach, Malibu

Surely, this is one of Malibu's most stunning beaches; El Matador State Beach offers spectacular ocean scenery from the rocky coastline above, which you will have no alternative but to walk on, as the beach can only be reached by a rough dirt path leading down to the sea.


Hidden sea caves, remarkable rock structures, and Stunning cliffs leave you feeling as though you are in a scene right out of the Game of Thrones.

Here, you will be able to see one of the most captivating sunsets in the country, and if you are visiting anytime except the summer, you might even find yourself at the beachside all by yourself.




  1. Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

The Manhattan Beach Los Angeles is one of the family friendly beaches around, with its soft sand that even the Hawaiian beach is said to import it.


There are several water sports activities on this famous beach. You can try out the kayaking, body surfing, paddling boarding, and so much more.


If sports activities are not your thing, you can people watch under an umbrella until the sunsets.


Searching for where to stay? Then you should definitely check out the Shade hotel, the Shade Hotel features a rooftop pool



  1. Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach SC is located along the Atlantic coast between the Atlantic intercostal Waterways.

From the early 1900s the Myrtle Beach was originally established as a seaside resort and from the 1960s, it has become popular for Tennis, Golf and amusement parks

As a renowned summer break destination, a favorite family holiday spot—Myrtle Beach is an ideal location for a range of tourists and travelers.


Those in search of extra fun can visit the wildlife tours or theme park rides; however, you can also spend your afternoon strolling around the Broadway with an ice cream in your hand.


Regardless of your pace, you would certainly want to make quick stops to have a taste of California barbeque.



  1. Australian Gold Coast

Renowned for its white soft stretch sand at surfers paradise, Australian Gold Coast beaches features an amazing and exciting scenery with breathtaking theme parks.

The Australian Gold Coast is built for fun and it is sun drenched making it a perfect summer vacation spot for most travelers, families and tourists.

To ensure that everyone is save while having fun, the Australian Gold Coast beach is equipped with well-trained lifeguards as strong tides and wind can be quite dangerous, so these lifeguards warn visitors about the sea condition using a flag system.

If you get bored just lying in the soft sand, the Australian Gold Coast is close to bars, restaurants, water activities and several other activities.



  1. Coronado Beach, San Diego

10 feet of white sandy beach that features an additional 3-mile, dog friendly boardwalk, loaded with bike rentals, amusement parks, tasty treats and shops combine to make Ocean city beach a famous holiday option for travelers and tourists.


On the boardwalk, you will find several restaurants, hotels and breweries. The summertime activities feature OC Beach dance parties, Beach movies, Family beach Olympics and Beach fireworks.


Surf fishing, jet skiing, and fishing carters are also common on Coronado beach San Diego


Major reason to visit San Diego is the warm sunny weather, Coronado Beach a family friendly spot is a mile and half stretch of golden soft sand with mineral mica