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Beach Business Ideas

How many times have you thought of running a business at the beach? Maybe you have already lived near a beach and are constantly searching for simple ways to make additional income.

Each year, millions and millions of beach lovers and locals go to the beautiful beaches around the world, creating a lot of foot traffic and sales to practically all business business owners, wherever they go.

Having a beach business in a beach community that draws alot of tourist gives you a fighting chance to operate a profitable business on the beach. If you can provide real value & offer things that tourists need.

For example, you could have your own cart or stand, or you can provide all those little things that tourists may have forgotten to bring, or even souvenirs that they can bring as a memorabilia from your country. Items such as beach towels, flip flops, aspirin, sunglasses, sunscreen and bottled waters are sold like hotcakes. Memorabilia’s like shells, key chains, and all other beaches themes or branded with the name of the beach can sell quickly.


You can pick up a wood vendor cart like this for less than $750 on Amazon, and with a little creativity and inventory, you are in business.



You could set up a cart renting  of promotional beach umbrellas offered along the side of the beach. These beach umbrellas serve as a barrier for tourists or vacationers against the harmful rays of the sun as well as the rain. These umbrellas are also doing some multitasking. It is advertising the products of another business (which youc can charge a fee for) 





Many people come in a beach almost every day to have a fun-filled time. If you can get some promotional beach umbrellas to promote your product at the same time then it will be definitely helpful as you can haul more possible customers to your business.

Below are some ideas for good beach businesses to start with:

  1. Airbrush tans, henna & waterproof tattoos

These are all fun activities but are definitely not risky to your health. The application would only take about 10-15 minutes. This is an excessively high profit business effort that is receiving more and more popularity all through the years.






  1. Become a Masseur.

It’s always a magnificent idea to have a massage on the beach while listening to the waves softly splashing the shore. The more experienced you are the better. That is why you have to invest in a couple of things like a movable massage table or a chair, a type of double-sided board to promote your services and prices, a pile of towels, massage oils and a large umbrella or two to guard yourself and your customers from the sun. 



  1. Sell Art on the Beach

If you are an artist or want to be an artist or can source art from a starving artist,  this would be an ideal way for you to combine your creation into business by selling them. All you really need is an easel and paint supply and a sort of portfolio to show your works. You could even think about offering to personalize your work for your customers by painting one of a kind image for a souvenir.






  1. Photograph couples and families at sunset.

If you have a talent in photography or if you really are a photographer, this is the best way for you to showcase your talent by creating precious memories for couples and families. For this kind of business, choose the most beautiful location on the beach as your meeting point so you can work quickly.



  1. Supervise children’s activities and charge in half day increments.

Most of the holiday clubs and resorts have the best idea here. We all know that parents want to relax on the beach doing nothing more strenuous than turning a page or adjust the umbrella, while the children just want to have fun.

Just make sure that if you decide to have this kind of business, then you should take no more children than you can handle, it is also advisable for you to avoid the water so that no one gets hurt as well as you can also better control the children.





  1. T-shirt Painting

This type of business is also a hit. The supplies needed for this are:

  • A pile of white shirts in a variety of sizes
  • A variety of fabric paints and brushes
  • Permanent markets to delineate black
  • Wooden tables placed within the t-shirts (to keep the paint to seep through the back)
  • T-pins to keep on the boards
  • A lot of different pages of coloring books (cut and placed in clear plastic sheaths) so that children can draw designs on their shirts
  • A couple of portable tables (to keep art out of sand).


 We hope these idea have created some thought and inspiration.  You can start a beach buseinss if you DECIDE!









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