Which are the Cleanest Beaches in the World ?

Posted by Dale Calvert on

If you want to make sure that you are traveling into the cleanest beaches in the world, all you have to do is to watch for the blue. That is a symbol that the beach you are traveling to meets environmental standards founded and supervised yearly by the International Blue Flag Program, stationed in Copenhagen.

It all started in 1985 in French beaches and marinas only, but because of its accomplishments, the program extend quickly throughout the world. With the aid of the Minister of Environment, there are only two criteria necessary to obtain the Blue Flag. These are the water quality and pollution control. Because of the environmental issues and changes in our world today, and to be able to attain the highest standard of program, FEE changed the regulations to achieve the Blue Flag. This day, the beaches and marinas must meet the following four requirements to acquire the Blue Flag. And these are:

  1. Environmental Education and Information
  2. Water Quality
  3. Environmental Management
  4. Safety and services

The United States does not really partake in the program, but many other places do. This year, more than 3,300 beaches and marinas in 39 countries have won Blue flags, including:

Gdansk Marina in Poland

Gdansk is positioned in the Baltic Sea coast in northern Poland and is only two-hour flights from most UK airports. In many ways, Gdansk is the perfect place to spend a weekend offering the tourist with its three cities for the price of one! Its neighbors are Gdansk Sopot and Gdynia, two coastal towns that are famous to its panoramic view and attractions and both are within 20 minutes drive from Gdansk.

This day, Gdansk is one of the biggest cities of Poland. The likes of many countries that have endured tyranny, Poland has withstood a period of zestful growth, and Gdansk is no exception. Ultra modern shopping centers are bounding up in every the area. The service industries are putting back more types of industrial work as well as tourism is growing. The district of Gdansk has constantly been the favorite among Poles for vacation spots, but now with the coming of cheap flights to Gdansk more and more British and Irish tourists are uncovering that there is more to Poland than just Krakow only.

Bikini Beach in Cape Town, South Africa

Located in the Costa Ballena, in the small coastal town of Gordon's Bay, the family beach bikini is one of the six beaches in Cape Town that has honored with a Blue Flag, which indicates a high level of water quality, facilities, cleanliness and safety. Along the coast of False Bay beaches, there are four quality beaches with the same honor as well, these are:

  1. Mnandi Beach
  2. Muizenberg Beach
  3. Standfontein Beach
  4. Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach is an excellent beach for swimming because the water is generally warm, calm and clear. The name came from bikini clad students dressed in Stellios (University of Stellenbosch), this small beach has its own charm. Surrounded by rugged mountain range of Hottentot Holland on one side and the breakwater of the harbor on the other, Bikini Beach is a great alternative when the wind is crying.

Bikini Beach has an endless view of the entire False Bay, which curves in a wide arc right at Gordon's Bay Cape Point at western end. The shops are within walking distance and there is a good locker room. Also on the east coast of False Bay is Gordon's Bay Beach and Strand beach, which are among the two ideal family beaches.

Sperlonga in Italy.

Sperlonga, a fascinating ancient hill town on the Tyrrhenian Sea, about midway between Rome and Naples.

There are popular beaches near Rome, but nothing can compare to Sperlonga, with its spiral stairways leading to the sea and the Cave of Tiberius and the neighboring archaeological museum.

Long beaches extend to the north and south, interlined by bathing businesses where you can lease a chaise lounge and a beach umbrella for about $20 a day. The ocean is evident and cool. At dinnertime, the beach people get dressed and mount up the hill to town for a sip in the little village square, followed by dinner. The locale is a fresh fish haven.

So if you atre travelling outside the United States and you are looking for the cleanest beaches around the world, look for beaches that participate in the blue flag program.